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11% at 2-3kHz black trace, Graph 2 although this necessarily increases through low bass. Sugden&39;s A21SE is a direct successor to the A21 pater familias of yore and thus the most current incarnation of four decades of evolution and refinements. The pre-amplifier has a cascode input stage, current feedback with the input and output being in phase. Modestly powered, the A21SE still offered a surprising amount of headroom while still sounding about as “tubey” as solid-state can get. The biggest collection of Sugden manuals and schematics. The Sugden A21a is something of a living legend, a Class A integrated amplifier that has been in production for over 20 years, but whose earlier incarnations date back as far as the sixties. The modern A21SE Signature integrated amplifier is still a transistor, pure Class A amplifier.

Stereo Integrated Amplifier (). A testement to the quality of the Sugden though is the fact i&39;m searching for a used power amp version of the a21a - the a21p! J E Sugden & Co is a British audio manufacturer which designs and manufactures it&39;s components in West Yorkshire. com The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice. uk staff 01 March Upgraded with a fifty percent larger power supply and increased power output, dynamics are even more impressive.

The SE suffix indicates the existence of a lesser offspring, the &39;small&39; A21a Series 2 integrated which starts at €1. I don’t need another inte-grated amplifier, but I lust after the A21SE—one of the most handsome integrateds I have ever seen. The A21SE stage two has a mains power supply and cannot be operated by the A21SE LTVS. It could inspire lust. The secret of its continued success is a pure class A single ended voltage rail design that has evolved and been carefully upgraded. A21a is newer, think it was 90&39;s and 23W.

The Sugden A21SE Signature Amplifier is available for demonstration in our Hull store. Sugden are delighted to announce the introduction of the Sugden Signature series. A21 Series 2 A21 Series 3. You may be aware J E Sugden produced the first commercially available pure Class &39;A&39; amplifier in 1964, being the Sugden A21, and several models followed. Sugden deyince ilk akla gelen şey sanırım A21 modelidir.

Il bénéficie d&39;un montage single ended, c&39;est à dire que son schéma électronique exploite une configuration qui ressemble fort aux premiers amplificateurs à tube. The A21SE looks luxurious. 990 (without phono). I have a mint condition highly rated sugden a21se signature version with optional blue faceplate the integrated is only 6 months old and comes with all original manual and factory certificate plus remote This amp has a glorious sound both warm and amazing open midrange while still maintaining a full. Sugden A21SE Integrated Amplifier user manual sugden a21se telerama © J E Sugden & Co. According to Sugden Audio, the SE Sig is a special edition that builds on the strengths of the classic A21.

While it is a more modern class A single ended amp, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’. I recently purchased this solid state integrated amplifier which replaced my Luxman MQ-88 (,000) tube amp that drove my Raidho XT-1 loudspeakers (,500 w/stands). Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Sudden A21SE Integrated Amplifier. A21SE is, in effect, an entirely new product, not just an A21a with fancier parts inside. A21a2 is the latest and 25W. Tamamen metalden üretilmiş şasinin ön tarafında oldukça kalın bir alüminyum ön plaka bulunuyor. To many in the U.

I&39;ve owned the A21a and A21a2 and demo&39;d the A21SE but didn&39;t get on with it, the A21a2 is a brilliant amp. A21SE modeli bu modeli alıp daha ileriye taşıma iddiası ile üretilmiş bir ürün. For others it will be a bookmark, but either way, this is an amplifier that shouldn’t be missed.

Listen to a little bit of everything and will eventually get round to purchasing a new TT to replace my Linn Sondek. Sugden Audio A21SE Signature, son derece sade tasarım çizgilerine sahip bir amplifikatör. Sugden A21SE integrated amplifier This updating of the classic British Class A integrated will warm up your soul as well as your listening room. this name is as strange and foreign as McVitties Digestives or cans of Mushy Peas, but all have been around for years and all still wonderfully delicious.

Worldwide courier shipping. Scroll down for the Series 3 model. All available for free download.

It was produced over a. S ugden needs no introduc-tion – anyone with more than a passing interest in audiophilia knows that the A21 is a generic series of amplifiers which started in the mid nineteen sixties with an 11watt solid state bi-polar integrated amplifier. Neophonics is the Sugden Audio distributor in Australia. Manual Library / Sugden.

Need a bit of advice. But because I got a Benchmark Dac1 2 weeks ago what kind of makes the Sugden redundant - the Benchmark has a volume control meaning a straight power amp can only improve the system. Offering pure class A single ended voltage rail operation, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’.

As the design gained traction, Sugden took over the distribution of the unit itself, adding its name to the front panel and fitting a headphone socket. The Special Edition A21SE Signature Integrated Amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21, offering pure class ‘A’ single ended operation, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’. A combination of superb sound and solid engineering has made the A21 a reference amplifier for fifty years. L&39;amplificateur Sugden A21i Signature est la dernière version de cet appareil qui développe 2 x 23 Watts en classe A. J E Sugden & Co Ltd, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. A21SE Signature Description The special edition A21SE integrated amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21.

In practice, the A21 Series 2 achieves 0. For some it will be a destination product – it’s certainly good enough in that capacity. Offering pure class A single ended operation, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’. Please note the amendment page at the end of the Series 2 scans. Separating the amplification from the power supply helps reduce interference user manual sugden a21se telerama and increase resistance to pick-up noise. uk staff 01 March. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!

The pre-amplifier out on your Sugden A21a Pure Class &39;A&39; amplifier is primarily for use with the matching A21a power amplifier (Series 1). As a comparatively inexpensive Class A design, the Sugden A21 can therefore be considered unusual. The original A21 amplifier first appeared in 1968 and was marketed by Richard Allan HFN Apr &39;11.

This retelling of my past leads me to the subject of this review, the Sugden A21SE Signature (,250) which is the latest iteration of this classic model. Sugden A21 Amplifier Service Manual. 25% THD from 100Hz-10kHz at 10W/8ohm with a minimum of 0. Sugden A21aL Series 2 review A serious revamp for the A21a, but does it still have charm? The A21SE Integrated user manual sugden a21se telerama Amplifier is a single ended solid-state pure class ‘A’ design. 01% at ½W&39; – figures that are not unrealistic across midrange frequencies.

Following on from the development of the Masterclass FPA-4 and Sapphire, Sugden recognised the potential of utilising some of this technology in the A21SE and created the Sugden. To purchase A21SE/A21SE Signature spares or accessories. Seriously the Sugden A21SE Signature is an amplifier that every audiophile and music lover should own. Sugden A21 amplifier manuals.

About to acquire a Sugden A21SE and Sony SACD (don&39;t know which one but has upgraded chipset and power supply) and need some ideas as to suitable speakers. The special edition A21SE integrated amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21. A21 is the very old amp, think it was about 10w. Manual Library / Sugden.

Sugden amps used to look very plain, and some models still do. Get the best deals for sugden amplifier a21 at eBay. NO USER SERVICIBLE PARTS INSIDE VOLTAGEINPUT 4 INPUT 5 000 uNUFACTURED BY TAPE 00 O. Sugden A21SE Stage Two Moving Magnet & Moving Coil Phono Amplifier The Stage Two offers true high-end phono amplification in a compact, heavy weight, minimalist two box design. Enter into my life at this time the beautifully made, nay crafted, Sugden A21SE Signature Integrated amplifier. Download the Sugden A-21-SE manuals for free from the biggest Sugden manual and schematic collection on the web.

David Price swoons at Sugden’s new pure Class A A21SE integrated amplifier. Ships worldwide in original box with remote control, user-manual and mains cable (mains cable will only be included if the buyer lives in the U. Back in the day, Sugden specified this amplifier&39;s THD at &39;0. A21SE Signature telerama Integrated Amplifier The special edition A21SE integrated amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21.

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